February 23, 2011

I Got Stye

i got a stye. in my right eye. you read in correctly, IN, not ON my right eye. at least that's what i was told when i went to see the doctor after work yesterday.

basically it's an eye infection or in Malay, we'd call 'ketumbit'. :)

(although, ketumbits, have been a widely known fallacy in the local scene, to be caused by a heinous act of 'mengintai'  or spying.)

i rarely got stye. it was so rare that i had to Google the word this morning because it sounded foreign in a way that it's cool to say.... 'i got stye'. in the same inflection as 'i got style.' okay, merapu already.

as if an eye infection is cool - it's anything but that. it hurts like hell (it's just an expression, because the real hell is incomparable) whenever i blink and it's blardy irritating because it feels like there's something in there but i could not put a finger on it (pun intended).

and from Google, i was directed to go ogle this site, the cause of my stye is explained as follows :

" Some people with chronic blepharitis are prone to clogged eyelid glands, in which bacteria builds up and infects the glands. Sharing make-up or applying too much eye makeup can sometimes cause styes to develop. Increased stress also seems to bring them on, but the relationship between stress and styes is not well understood.  "

so it must be the EYE MAKE UP then. i have been using too much of it lately in my effort to experiment with new look. (nooooo.... nothing to do with mid life crisis mah).

or it could be the STRESS.

but i prefer it to be the MAKE UP factor, rather than the STRESS of spying on people.

anyways, hope this stye goes off soon. else i have to restrict my blogging, FBing and Polyvoreing activities, because they require a strenuous amount of eye fixing on the screen. my bad... i havent been using my specs when i am engaged in all these.

okay, time to rest the eye(s). talloooohoooo.... ;)

February 18, 2011

Welcome to Polyvore!

Welcome to Polyvore!
Welcome to Polyvore! by NinaAli featuring high waist pants
weekend fare!

*{ so... i stumbled upon this nifty, fun, addictive wardrobe-creating (read : self-indulgent) website after browsing through this site. and thought, hey... this is fun, like paying paper dolls back when paper dolls were huge! (okay, i'm showing my age)

so far (at the date of this edit i.e. 22 Feb), i've created 3 outfits (yes, did i mention it's addictive), one of which i've ambitiously submitted to an online contest whereby the grand prize are a pair of cool shoes from this svelte site. :)

so go find me in http://www.polyvore.com/ . i've signed in as NinaAli. if you like my 'sets', please click LIKE. I'll be much obliged. *BIG-GRIN*

but you can only find me when you've joined the community, i think }*

February 13, 2011

mark - set - go

starting again.

this is not my first blog, but with blogspot's blogger, it is a maiden one.

it's all started with reading other people's blogs of late*, and i found myself wanting to go on this route again- which is writing publicly.

anyways, making an impressive, a-force-to-be-reckon-with, impact wih your first post is EVERYTHING a serious blogger would like to attain. 

but i am anything but a serious blogger, although i always believe in making a proper impression - because hey,all of us want to be liked.  :)

bloggers are always associated with self indulgent/ self absorbing/ self promoting past time, and i could imagine many of you groaning and smirking with "yes, there goes another one."

or "c'mon, not another chick with angst and proses."

or "whatever she's selling, it's already being sold elsewhere, online."

but rest assured, despite the negative connotations and press, blogs result in more positive consequenses and great deeds than harm.

granted that blogs do cause us to be more indulgent and absorbed with ourselves in our quest to promote or elevate ourselves, but it also encourages self expression in which indubitably sparks and improves self confidence.

i am not a good speaker, but i know i can write, so i believe this is a good avenue for me to try out sharing my short stories, little anecdotes and silly observations of the humankind.

here it is, starting again, this time through the splendidly renowned blogspot.

so, on your mark, get set, go!

* i was conducting a research on the efficiency and efficacy of blogs to promote and sell products. :)

February 10, 2011

birthday poem

I dont always craft poem, as my writing is highly dependable on my mercurial inclinations.

if my temperament is bitten by the bitter bug, i would not even attempt a prose, because it would look like i have overdosed.

anyways, a friend is celebrating her birthday today so i was inclined to write a silly little poem.

so here it is :

happy birthday my partner in crime,
dont look now it's Father of Time
telling you've aged, hear him CHIME
but needless worrying, you're still sublime


(it was crafted in less than five minutes... what do you think?)

February 8, 2011


I somehow get tongue tied with this.

This is what happens when you put too much thought in starting something and as the Universe likes torture the intense, too much thought results in too little .... well, the only word I could THINK of is comprehension.

So I will begin again at another time. Hopefully, more coherent this time.

And leave you with this aesthetically pleasing visual of a lady in a long, diaphanous dress.