November 14, 2011

Out of sorts

I have not been doing much upkeep on this blog of late. 

for that, i am truly sorry... to myself, for not taking the initiative to whine (and/or gloat), whenever i can. as the opportunity does crop a lot of times... it's just that i dont feel like writing.

I have been reading a lot of blogs lately. mostly pictorial blogs. goes to show that pictures do say more than a few thousand words. more than a few written gibberish words, pulled together to form coherent thoughts.

anyhoo, there are things which i want to write but i guess i'm not in the right frame of mind to divulge much, because i may just divulge TOO much.

so as usual, i change the topic and here is a picture of a yet designer bag which is unattainable at the moment but could be mine, if i put all my priorities wrongly.

: P

girls, the bag in question is by Yves Saint Laurent or YSL for short form easier-to-pronounce-name.

aptly called 'Muse', this bag is something to be mused about. (this sentence does not even make sense)

the bag comes in many colours, even in that emerald shade that i absolutely adore, but somehow to be practical, i chose this chocolate colour for illustrative purpose.

Note: pic credits :,

PS: took me about 3 weeks to have this posted (sat in draft for the longest time). something is wrong somewhere. hmmm...

November 2, 2011

outta sleep

this was as a result of my insomnia last night.

i am tired, i am beat 
but i cannot fall asleep 
too many things on my mind 
i feel like i'm out of bind 

perhaps i should just admit 
that it hurt and it bit 
rather than carry on as usual 
with my nitpicking nonchalant perusal 

i am tired i am beat 
hope this poem helps me sleep 
as long as the secret i that keep 
be buried as far and as deep. 

outta sleep and still sound 
i pray that the demons be gone 
uninterrupted slumber is a luxury 
and waking up is not a hurry. 

i am tired i am beat 
i owe myself to go to sleep 
good night worries good night pain 
i am determined i must remain.