February 21, 2012


the last time i've written anything, either in this sphere or 750words.com was in January.

i admit that although i have the time to write, i do not have the inclination (read: plain lazy) to craft anything remotely creative.

so before February turns to March, i vow to post something in either here or the other place i use to jot.

as i am not in the mood to write wordy stuff (hence avoiding 750words), here are some pictures that make me go aaawwwww because the creration is just purely breathtaking and whimsically feminine.

whimsically feminine? is there such a phrase.

never mind. i shall not dwell on the triviality of such thing and let us gawk at Alberta Ferretti's and  Philosophy Di Alberta Ferretti's latest Spring-Summer 2012.
AF's latest strutting on the catwalk
Philosophy Di AF dresses which are equally feminine and chic.

Alberta Ferretti 
this is my favourite
Alberta Ferretti 
even lovelier on this thin model :P

lovely things aren't they? they just make me swoon....

nevertheless i find it weird that bags do not have the same effect on me at the moment. 

maybe because i am expecting. :)