May 23, 2013


Inspired by the seasonal colours at the moment, which are pastel hues with an edge.

1. BLUEBELL - of course, the colour is derived from this flower. :)

Bluebell Flowers

2. MINT (or Grayed Jade for some) - there are a few permutations of mint from the tech realm.

Here's Mint


and course the ORIGINAL MINT.
Let's Clean Our Teeth NOW!

3. CORAL - mind you, it is not the usual assortment of corals from sea that pops in your head, guys, it is the reddish hue with not quite orange.
Wrong Picture... haha!

Actual colour
Example of coral inspired stuff

4. DUSTY BLUE - I am loving this colour most at the moment, as I personally think it looks fresh compared to the others.

looks like pale blue, aight?

5. LINEN - seriously, it is called Linen as in the fabric Linen, but to me it looks like a muted grey. I'm sure there will a colour called Cotton soon.
flirty Linen Spring dress

Nice safe colour for all, especially for my hero, MR BOND

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